My clients are adults and young adults (ages 15+).  I


also offer couples counselling.


I base my therapeutic work on my client's needs, so I may use cognitive behaviour techniques, or perhaps mindfulness will work best.  There is no one approach for me as each individual is unique and what reaches and impacts them is also unique.


 Young adults and adolescents experience significant social and academic pressures today and can feel isolated from peers and family. My work at university counselling centers has given me insight into and appreciation for young people's struggles.


A testimonial from an 18 year old female client:  "Thank you so much for all your help.  I am much more capable at being self-aware of my thoughts and how I deal with them.




Psychotherapy can help you:


Learn how to communicate your wants and needs better

Improve relationships

Learn better coping mechanisms

Develop greater confidence and a healthier self-perception

Develop healthier eating habits

Stop blaming and start making changes

Live life more fully

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