How Sessions Work


     During your initial consultation, we'll talk about what brings you to therapy. If you decide therapy is right for you, we can book future sessions.  The number of sessions is determined by you.  I work in short-term (3 sessions+) and long-term modes.


     My approach is to look at your existing strengths while also helping you learn new ways of thinking and behaving. We'll focus on the present but may explore your past to understand how you came to be who you are today. We'll set goals, identify barriers, and look at coping strategies. Our work together will lead to a greater sense of self awareness.


   When I work with couples, we will look at your communication styles, what's changed in the relationship, and how to come back together. Each person will be given their time to be heard and understood.  If appropriate, I may do an individual session with each person before embarking on the joint sessions. 

In my work with young adults, it is often focussed on anxiety, stress, poor self-image, relationship issues, problems with exams and a perceived inability to do work.

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